There are various types of batteries are available in market such as AA battery, AAA battery, AAAA battery.

AA battery is usually pronounced as double ‘a’ battery it composes of one electrochemical cell and AAA battery is pronounced as a triple ‘a’ battery which composes of one chamber where collection of cells are used in that chamber.

AAAA battery is pronounced as quadruple ‘a’ and these batteries are also known by their Duracell number MX2500 or MN2500 and by energizer number E96.

These batteries are 8.3 mm in terms of diameter and 42.5 mm long with a weight of 6.5 grams and produces a voltage of 1.5 volts and the current produced by it varies based on the type of diodes used in it.

AAAA battery is classified into various types based on the solution and diodes being used in them.

Zinc carbon AAAA batteries are named as R61 by IEC (international electro technical commission) and 25D by ANSI/NEDA (American national standards institute/National electronics distributors association) and it can produce a voltage of 1.5v with a capacity of 300mAh.

Alkaline AAAA battery is named as LR61 by the IEC and 25A by the ANSI/NEDA and it can produce a voltage of 1.5volts and with a capacity of 500-600mAh.

Alkaline battery can produce a voltage of 9V if half a dozen AAAA cells are connected together through circuit board or by welding the polarities of one battery to the other.

The other types of AAAA batteries are NiCD and NiMH batteries which are named as KR61 and HR61 by the IEC respectively.

They can produce a voltage of 1.25volts.

AAAA battery is most commonly used in devices which require small batteries like LED penlights, laser pointers, headphone amplifiers, computer styluses and glucose meters. AAAA battery is quite difficult to find as it is not as popular as AA or AAA batteries.