Inventor of the magnetic compass, dating back more than a thousand years, would have never believed that his creation could move to the screen of the Android  phone. Last week IntexSoft, a mobile developer from Belarus, has launched its modern vision of the compass called My Seven Wonders.

This application can do much more than just show the direction to the North! First of all, you create the cardinal points, filling the compass card with your personal wonders. Anything can be this wonder: your home, your favorite restaurant in the neighbourhood or a distant Caribbean Island more than 5,221 miles away. Then, you set the main wonder, to which the needle will point. The rest of the wonders appears accordingly on the compass rose.

My 7 Wonders allows you to customise the application according to your wishes and tastes. Each wonder can have a different icon from the 18 available in the app, or the icon can be switched by the image or a just-made picture from the phone. You can also change the backgrounds and group wonders, if their coordinates are in the same directions. In the nearest future, IntexSoft plans to add default photos and sounds to the app and make it possible to create icons by yourself.


Another interesting feature of this app is the information screen, showing you that if you are 5,221 miles away from the Caribbean islands, it would take you to get there at least 11 h by plane,  2 days by train, 9 days by ship and 97 days swimming. IntexSoft also promises to make it even more fun by adding speed info function, which will show the time left to the wonder according to the selected speed. There are also plans to add games to the app, allowing to makes guesses where one or another target is.

So far the are 2 available versions: My Seven Wonders Lite and Pro. The 1st one is free, but has a limited number of wonders that can be created. It also displays ads in the down part of the screen. The Pro version costs just $0,99, and has an unlimited number of wonders and absolutely no adds.

My 7 Wonders is a great way to always know where your favorite places are and share them with your close people. It’s so intuitive, that you (or even a kid) don’t need any tutorial to start using the wonderful compass! Everyone can also find plenty of situations to make use of it more than just a game, for example mark a parking spot and don’t worry to remember it, or going on vacation put all the sites you want to visit and don’t worry you will get lost!