If your driving record is less than stellar, you could face increases of 15% to 20%.

With many insurers, all you need is more than one moving violation or claim in five years to fall into that category.
Even while raising rates for bad drivers, auto insurers may be lowering rates for good ones.
Rates for the best drivers may decrease from 2% to 5%, Hartwig says.

Auto insurance already costs more now that it did a few years ago for many families, probably because they bought at least one new car. 

The average expenditure is expected to increase by $22, according to the Insurance Information Institute.
This figure measures what the average consumer actually spends for insurance on each vehicle. It includes rate changes, driving record, price trends for cars, as well as the types of coverage and cars consumers are buying.
The trend today is toward newer and more expensive vehicles, with sport-utility vehicles, vans and pickup trucks making up nearly half of new auto sales.